About Us

-Owners Matt Vilevac and Michael Hach

Cleveland Aerial Media is using technology to our advantage. Quadcopters, or as some call them “Drones” have been around for quite some time. Instead of spying or invading people’s privacy, we have a completely different vision. Actually, our vision is to, well, show you a different vision of Cleveland! The views we can offer to you with our quad-copters are completely unmatched from our competition. Never before has the landscape of Cleveland been portrayed this way, so we plan to pave the path of new and innovative photography. As much as we like to take photos for personal use or our web store, we cater our services to you! Get in touch with us today and we can plan out our next flight to deliver you an impeccable image of your desire. 

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Read Unbiased Consumer Reviews Online at AngiesList.com

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